Below are a few of Dr. Kate's favorite things for our furry friends that she often recommends to her clients.  Each item was selected because it can enrich, improve, protect, or bring joy to your cat or dog.  Feel free to browse around!  If you want more info, simply click on the photo.

Kitty Love

Did you know cats have a natural (and usually unfulfilled!) hunting instinct? Most cats are fed improperly - meaning we aren't stimulating their natural desire and ability to hunt.  Help stimulate your cat's hunting instincts and engage their minds with these innovative and fun feeding systems. 

This cool feeding system from Catit challenges your cat by engaging their intellect! Offers various levels of difficulty.

Doc and Phoebe's No Bowl feeding system allows your cat to engage its natural hunting instinct. These are the kind of mice you want your cat to bring you! Dr. Kate's cat has this set and loves it!

Cats are clever and inquisitive. This activity center from Trixie is a fun way to engage their kitty minds. Dishwasher friendly too!

For use with kibble and treats (and Dr. Kate recommends using wet food too!), this Catit feeder stimulates natural pawing behavior. And it's fun!

For those kitties that love fresh, moving water, this fountain from Catit offers maximum oxygenation for fresher, better tasting water.

Cats have needs - to feel safe, comfortable, relaxed, and happy.  These items allow your cat to feel safe, protected and help calm their sensitive natures by providing for their basic needs.  But it is important to know your cat. Some of these products can enrich the lives of some cats while creating anxiety in others.

For example, the window lounger/hammocks are great for the cat that enjoys seeing the outdoors.  But these same products can create stress and anxiety in a cat that has a high, or unsatisfied, hunting instinct.  Be sure to watch your cat when using any product, and be sure that it matches their personality and needs.

These window loungers are the cat's meow! Being able to see out the window but also be up high can bring interest and comfort to an indoor kitty. Find a warm, sunny spot, and this will soon be your kitty's favorite hangout!

This window hammock looks so cozy and the high back can provide support and a "den" like feel for your cat - something they love! Be sure to put the hammock high enough to provide a sense of safety, but low enough they can safely and easily jump in.

This window lounger is really great for cats who enjoy looking outside, but prefer some privacy and seclusion. Cats who live in busier households would likely really appreciate this style, as they can have their own private area away from the noise and bustle

A cat cave is a great thing to have for cats - especially those prone to being a bit anxiety prone. The enclosed space with a small opening creates a sense of security and seclusion, which can help reduce their anxiety. Pair with the Feliway spray to help further ease their sensitive nature.

Cat tree and bed in one! Win-win for your cat and you!! This cat tree allows cats to have the choice of two different bed heights (remember, cats love being up high!) and bed styles, while also providing a scratching post for play.

This cat condo is great for a multi-cat household. It has multiple levels for play and lounging, but more importantly, allows for cats to separate themselves by a decent amount of distance. Even cats who enjoy each other need their own space and to be able to get away for some alone time.

Cats often feel stressed and anxious in our homes for many reasons and this can lead to an unhappy kitty. Feliway is a synthetic cat pheromone that helps bring a sense of peace and calm to our cats. It comes in sprays, diffusers, and wipes for all sorts of useful applications.

Who doesn't love a little nip? Most cats do! This cat nip is great because it has fewer stems and seeds (the less active part of the plant). Cat nip creates euphoria and excitement in cats at just the smell, but eating it mellows them out. The effect lasts about 10-20 minutes and can be a fun addition to your cat's day.

Cat's need to play! Fun, interactive, stimulating toys are not only provide entertainment for your cat, but allow stimulation of their minds and bodies, which improves their overall health.

Fetch kitty! Ok, so maybe your cat doesn't fetch, but if you have a playful feline, they will love these felted balls. They are small (golf ball sized) and purrfect for kitty sized play! *Use caution if used in a home with a bigger dog who might eat these. ;)

This toy is amazing for mental stimulation! Your cat has to chase and propel the ball through the track using only the small openings on top. A great way to challenge an indoor kitty's little mind and encourage exercise and play. This company makes ALL kinds of fun, innovative cat products!

​This toy. Dr. Kate's cat has this toy and LOVES it. You can see the video of her playing with it on our Facebook page. This fun toy is regularly listed on the top toys for cat's lists, and Dr. Kate's cat proves why. Hours of fun to be had with this little thing.

This tunnel bed is a fun way to incorporate a cozy bed with a fun toy. The tunnel is a fun way for cats to play or hide, and the bed in the center provides a cozy, den-like bed.

Ever curious what your cat does during the day? Every wish you could love on your kitty while away? This fun and innovative treat delivery system allow for both! The camera allows you to check in on your cat, and it has a treat dispenser! How fun is that?

These springs are so simple, but cats LOVE them. We use them in the clinic to help entertain our feline friends. They do stretch over time, but the fun they provide is endless. And they come in a large pack of 10, so you'll have plenty to replace those that stretch out or get lost.

Thinking about litter boxes isn't fun, we know. But it's something that you should put some real thought into, to avoid problem behaviors from forming. Did you know that the number of litter boxes in your home should be the number of cats you have plus one? So 1 cat = 2 boxes, 2 cats = 3 boxes, and so on.

And choosing a litter box shape, size, and location depends on many factors, including how your cat likes to use a litter box (hint: not all cats like the same size and shape box!). Some cats prefer hooded (aka one's with lids) and some don't. Some like square ones and some like round or corner units. Some cats kick up litter, so a high-sided box is best. Some, like older or special needs kitties, need lower sided boxes for ease of entry and exit.

Learn your cat's preferences, clean and change the litter often, and your cat say thank you with consistently using their box!

This genius system is great if you have a cat that is very persnickety about a clean box, or if you are not the best at scooping the box daily. This automated system will clean the box after each use - totally cool!

This is the box Dr. Kate's cat has at home. The round shape is great for cats who like to circle and hunt for the right spot, or who sit up really tall, as the domed top provides loads of head room.

Short on space in your home? This corner box is great for saving floor space, offers generous head room for taller cats, and has high sides but a low entry point. Great for cats who kick up litter

Our special needs kitties or older/arthritic cats will appreciate this low sided, low entry box. The ample space within the box also provides enough room to maneuver to do their "business".

Puppy Love

Slow feeders are a great way to do multiple beneficial things for your dog at once: slow down their eating, which helps prevent excess gassiness and bloat; fight obesity, because slow eating helps their stomachs register with their brains that they're satisfied; and, it engages their mind and fights mental dullness and boredom!

One of Dr. Kate's dogs had a bowl like these as she was a very fast eater and was prone to bloating. ​In Dr. Kate's opinion, this is a must have item for any dog!

These things are great for entertaining your pup...during bathing, while trimming nails, or just to reduce boredom during the day. Remember, distraction with positive experiences reduce stress, anxiety and the struggle between you and your pup. Try filling with peanut butter or similar item and freezing for maximum lick time! ​*Always supervise your pet during use.

Boredom is a real issue with our pets! Most dogs are not given enough mental stimulation to satisfy their cognitive needs. But this cool mat will help satisfy both their minds and their taste buds! Try filling with peanut butter, canned food, or other spreadable delectable delight and freezing for maximum enjoyment! ​*Always supervise your pet during use.

These treat toys are great for slow, engaging entertainment for food or treat motivated dogs. Their design requires your dog to interact with the toy and work for his or her treat. Some, like the Bob-A-Lot, even have difficulty settings to make it easier or harder for your dog to finagle a treat out of it. And Kong toys are great for dogs who love to chew!

Ever curious what your dog does during the day? Every wish you could love on your pup while away? This fun and innovative treat delivery system allow for both! The camera allows you to check in on your dog, and it has a treat dispenser! How fun is that?

Clicker training is based in positive reinforcement and is Dr. Kate's preferred method of training. Conditioning your pet to associate the click with a positive reward can create a well mannered dog in no time! Not sure what it is or how to use it? Click here to learn more: ​

Thundershirts have been around for a while, and Dr. Kate really loves this particular version for its stylish, yet easy to use, design. Thundershirts apply constant, calming pressure to help with fear, anxiety and over excitement. *Caution with using any clothing type product in the summer months due to overheating.

This is just a leash. But it is a fantastic option for dogs that need extra control in more exciting environments, have a tendency to jump around people, or are in obedience training. Its 7 foot long lead allows for your dog to sniff and walk "freely" but its short, "traffic handle" is great for tighter control over your pup.

Dry, cracked noses are common in dogs, especially in particular breeds and during the cooler months. This product is all natural, vegan, and is a great was to smooth out and bring comfort to your dogs nose. They also make amazing products for dry, cracked paw pads and nasal folds.

Anal gland issues are very common in our practice. We get clients in every weeks complaining of their dog scooting on the rug, or constantly licking at their bottoms. Full, unexpressed anal glands are often the cause. Anal glands a scent organ, and is why dogs like to sniff each other's rears. But when they become unhealthy, our dogs are unable to express their glands themselves when they defecate. This product works from two angles to help your dog express their own anal glands by reducing inflammation, and adding fiber and bulk to their stool. It comes in both a very tasty chew and powder to suit your size pup.

Small dogs, long-backed dogs (think dachshunds, bassets, corgis), older arthritic dogs (or cats even) will love these steps. Dr. Kate recommends discouraging these breeds or age of dogs from jumping off of high places - the couch, bed, or chairs. The impact on their joints and back can lead to painful, debilitating injuries. These type steps placed strategically in your home will help facilitate your pet getting on or off of elevated surfaces. A definite must have for these type pets.

hhhh, there's nothing better than a soft, cozy bed. But these beds are even better than the rest. These orthopedic beds are great for cushioning joints, especially in our arthritic dogs. To add to their awesomness, they have a water-proof cover over the memory foam, because older dogs often have issues with urinary incontenance, and the outer cover is fully removable and machine washable. Pure awesome.

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