Improving Your Pet's Life Through Surgery

Is a surgical procedure in your pet's future? Most likely, your pet will need surgery at least once in their lifetime for preventative or treatment purposes. Our full-service veterinary clinic here in McDonough offers a variety of surgeries to repair an injury, eradicate disease, and provide many other health benefits to extend and enhance the quality of life.

Why Spay And Neuter?

Having performed over 20,000 spays and neuters, Dr. Kate is extremely competent at this particular surgery and has a great passion for making sure all pets take this important step in their health journey.

Spaying and neutering your animals prevents unwanted pregnancies and can help reduce overpopulation. For females, spaying can prevent pets from going into heat, may lessen their desire to roam, which can be dangerous if you live in a highly populated area, reduces ovarian, uterine, and breast cancer risks, and significantly reduce your pet's risk of developing an infected uterus (pyometra).

For males, neutering can reduce aggression, may lessen their desire to roam, reduces inappropriate behaviors such as urinating/spraying, and mounting, and can greatly reduce prostatitis, testicular cancer, perianal adenoma, and other health risks.

What Should You Expect?

​The Healthy Pet Veterinary Clinic understands that pet surgery can be a stressful process for both pets and their owners, which is why we take steps to ensure optimal safety and pain control. In fact, our protocols for pain control are second to none!

Furthermore, our staff will take time to answer your questions and put your mind at ease. Dr. Kate will thoroughly examine every patient prior to their procedure to screen for illness and ensure that anesthesia will be safe. We even give you updates during and after the procedure to keep you up to speed as to the progress of your pet.